Success Stories

I first met Vishal in his capacity as a headhunter five years ago and it became evident that his interactions with people are based on developing authentic long term relationships. From interacting with him in job-related and then subsequently coaching-based scenarios, it is clear he has an emotional and intellectual skillset that enables him to constructively ask challenging questions and question assumptions. He has always been able to do this for me, for which I am grateful.

Furthermore, he is able to sensitively guide people to explore challenging questions for themselves and revisit their own hard held-assumptions. What makes this approach powerful is that it sits within a pragmatic framework he uses to arrive at workable solutions. He always engages with integrity and often holds a mirror up to himself to ensure he is delivering to high standards.

testi-img3 CFO, Private-Equity backed business

I had thought that after having worked for over 20 years I knew myself very well. However, I found SBI’s psychometric assessment service (both the personality profiling and ability testing) a real eye-opening experience. It allowed a comprehensive introspection of my personality, specific skills and life to-date. Through methodical and open discussion I found some aspects of myself I understood very well and other areas I had hitherto ignored.

Vishal’s careful explanation of the basis of his approach provided a good perspective, often touching upon areas of past experience. He has helped me to better understand who I had become over time and to frame and reinforce what is important to me within a professional and personal context. With this insight, I feel better placed in setting goals and objectives that better match my persona and to grow with renewed enthusiasm. Vishal was never judgemental and has been amazingly supportive, never pushing beyond where I was happy to explore (whilst presenting with me with challenges where appropriate). Thanks for all your help and I wholeheartedly recommend this service to others.

testi-img3 Global Operations Manager, Leading Oil and Gas Company

I am very thankful to Vishal. Not only has he coached and advised me through various transitions by bringing out the best from within me, both professionally and personally, but our work together has allowed me to become a Fixed Income Dealer at a leading buy-side institution, against all the odds.

He has allowed me to dream whilst keeping my feet on the ground! He always encourages but ensures that his suggestions are practical and have a strong logical basis. Whilst always keeping in view the bigger picture I have in mind, he is able to look at the finer details and what needs to be done more immediately to reach the goal, providing constructive feedback and a valuable, objective perspective too at every turn. Vishal has always encouraged me to embrace the changes I have gone through and to take the opportunities for greater fulfilment when they have presented themselves.

testi-img2 Trader, Fund Management House

We had the pleasure of working with Vishal when he provided us with recruitment advisory services at a time we were looking to make certain strategic hires. From the outset, he guided us through the process, highlighting what to consider in terms of the roles, competencies and our expectations and what to watch out for. Having had some painful recruitment experiences in the past, it was vital for us to ensure we found the right people and this is where Vishal came in. He was also able to assist us with the filtering and the interviewing itself onsite – it was like having our very own in-house recruitment and assessment specialist in one! We would definitely welcome the chance to work with Vishal again.

testi-img2 Director and Co-Founder, Innovative Online Not-for-Profit

I found the SBI coaching sessions to be very powerful and focused, a unique experience. It really prompted me to reflect on my thoughts, actions and decisions and increased awareness of my values/drivers and how to act in greater accordance with them. Not only was the coaching useful in helping me find a new job but has helped improve my performance and enjoyment in my current position. It has also helped bring greater clarity to what I do and my interactions and relationships with colleagues and others.

testi-img3 E-commerce Executive / Partnerships Manager, International Airline

We are very pleased with and grateful for the values consulting work done with our organisation and the staff – it has come at the right time and has made a significant impact. Whilst values have always implicitly been part of our dialogue, to actually work on ascertaining and clarifying what our shared professional values are and how to incorporate them into our daily professional lives, has been an incredible journey which will reap dividends. It has helped improve teamwork and understanding and will also form part of our recruitment process going forward. On another note, I am also thankful for the executive coaching provided by SBI – it has allowed me to look at my management and leadership role afresh and decide on what changes need to be rolled out.

testi-img2 Director and Co-Owner, Care Services Business

I used SBI’s services during my employment search process, which I found extremely useful. We worked together to understand my current skills, career objectives, strengths and areas for improvement. The coaching was very refreshing as it was a sounding board to understand myself better rather than an imposition of the standard cookie cutter ‘advice’. There were a number of practical tips provided too, around process, strategy, streamlining my CV, visual enhancement and negotiation, all demonstrating a deep understanding of my industry. This helped build my confidence and enabled me to be successful during interviewing and subsequently at the offer stage.

testi-img2 Investment Consultant, Private Equity

I met with Vishal in September 2014, after being out of work for 18 months following an unbroken career stretch of 27 years. My background is in project management, working for large investment banks. Vishal discussed my career to-date and aspirations. He started by checking my motivation and self-awareness with regard to the sort of roles I was applying for. I was going for something similar to what I had been doing. Despite my established track-record and qualifications, I got push-back because my experience was being perceived as too investment banking-specific.

Vishal suggested presenting my profile and achievements in a much broader way in light of my considerable experience and widening the type of firm I was applying to beyond banks to brokers, asset managers, insurance companies and consultancies. He also suggested various changes to my CV, a more diversified job search/application process and re-thinking my interview approach and overall strategy. He helped me present a positive picture of my sabbatical period in the context of my valuable prior experience as well as the various activities I had been engaged in since being out of work. Previously I had thought it too risky to talk about such matters but I found this new approach received a favourable response from interviewers as they could see other sides to my personality.

I was pleased to start my new job as a project manager at a large asset management company in January 2015 and am grateful to Vishal for his coaching and advice.

testi-img3 Senior Project Manager, Asset Management Firm

The career coaching and advice provided by SBI was invaluable in developing my confidence during the job search process. Whilst there was practical help along the way in terms of developing the CV, searching for roles and navigating the application/interview process, what was even more important and useful was getting me to reflect on my strengths and areas for development (but particularly allowing me to see where I was underestimating myself). It really felt like a light was being shone on myself.

testi-img2 Client Portfolio Accountant, Global Management and Strategic Consultancy

Vishal’s insight, intuition and inspiring nature helped me to believe and trust in my skills and abilities when I found myself at a challenging point in life. He goes above and beyond and gives his full attention to the person he is working with, ensuring all intricate details are consciously dealt with. Also, during my search to move into a new job, Vishal was on hand to help me navigate the whole process from beginning to end. The coaching has had a much deeper impact in many areas of my life. Vishal was and still is, always available to assist and I am grateful for these sessions. I recommend Vishal and his services; he has helped me immensely to grow and further develop and most importantly, I reiterate, the confidence in myself he has helped foster.

testi-img2 Finance Executive, Global Specialist Property Development and Investment Company

Thank you very much for your careful and considered coaching and advice – very much appreciated. Your tips and comments were very insightful, incisive and pertinent. Your guidance has been very useful and I am certainly very grateful for it.

testi-img3 Solicitor, City Law Firm

Vishal actively supported me through the process of obtaining a role which has been crucial for my career advancement. He is dynamic, positive and takes a holistic approach, ensuring he finds the tailor-made solution for every situation. The support he provided went beyond just career coaching. He also got me to reflect on what my real value-add to any employer is and how to make the most of this. I was successful in obtaining the job and was very happy. If you are looking to make a change, whether in your professional life or otherwise, I would certainly recommend Vishal. Thank you for all your help.

testi-img2 Occupational Therapist, Healthcare/NHS