Values Consulting

Our values form the basis for all our actions, operating across and permeating our professional and personal lives. Many people and organisations may be generally aware of their values but often fail to integrate them into their decision-making and daily activities. This results in poor choices, both at individual and organisational levels (in terms of management strategy, career and life path and staff recruitment). Lack of clarity can lead to dissatisfaction, underperformance and dysfunctional business and personal relationships.


SBI Values Consulting

  • Values Insight, Discovery and Implementation – individuals, teams and organisations
  • Vision, Mission and Values – personal, group and firm-wide
  • Mind The Values Gap: increased personal and team effectiveness and fulfilment
  • Incorporating Values – a practical approach

Values analysis can be applied in many different contexts. It can aid self-understanding and personal and professional development through coaching for individuals and teams. Values work can also inform hiring decisions for new employees and intervention and development programmes for existing staff.

At SBI, values tools can be used on their own as well as in conjunction with other techniques such as psychometric testing and coaching or in a recruitment context. They can blend into an existing service offering to bring further clarity to our decision making, both professional and personal.

SBI Integration

With accreditation in the form of Values Coaching certification and membership of the UK Values Alliance (for whom we have carried out values work with various organisations), this service line compliments and underpins SBI’s other practice areas. It ensures that each client, whether an individual, team or organisation, is “heading in the right direction”, in line with their guiding principles and goals.