Psychometric Assessment

The field of psychological measurement and testing has grown exponentially in popularity and use over the years. It is commonplace in many areas, particularly occupational settings for recruitment and staff development. Sophisticated assessments can measure and ascertain a wide range of abilities and personality traits. They provide an objective, reliable way to gauge potential and future performance and understand ourselves better.


The SBI Difference

Psychometric tools can be administered by SBI in a stand-alone capacity as one-off testing and separate feedback sessions. They can also be employed effectively as part of a longer or ongoing programme focused on coaching, values analysis and recruitment, depending upon client needs. Whilst these instruments can assist with self-awareness, development, careers advisory, general decision making and goal setting, there are other specific uses for them across an even larger audience:

  • Professional and personal development for individuals and teams: clarifying personal and occupational preferences, strengths and areas for development. Testing can also highlight general or specific aptitude and abilities.
  • Selection, recruitment and leadership development: incorporating these tools into a more rigorous external hiring and/or internal staff and management development process. We can advise clients on and help with the implementation of the appropriate assessment methods.
  • Training: educating first-time (potential) or experienced users on the different assessments, questionnaires and personality inventories. We can help candidates optimise their performance on ability tests within recruitment and development scenarios.
  • Team-building, effective group work and conflict resolution: understanding individuals’ abilities, personality preferences and different working styles. This can be used to develop a cohesive, more productive team.

SBI Credentials

We are trained and authorised to administer, interpret and feedback on a wide range of market-leading tools for personality profiling and ability testing, covering all major occupations. Our assessment specialist is on the British Psychological Society Register of Qualified Test Users.